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Chonky Snakes MAGNET Pack

Chonky Snakes MAGNET Pack

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• These hand-drawn magnets are perfect for fridges, filing cabinets, metal containers, and more!

• These magnets are $3 each; however, purchasing this entire pack of 18 is only $45! This pack includes (in order of individual photos):

- Blue racer

- Ball python

- Mexican black kingsnake

- Anaconda

- Hognose

- Sunbeam

- Corn Snake 

- California garter

- Rosy boa

- Plains garter

- Boa constrictor

- Milksnake

- Kingsnake

- Hognose

- Bullsnake

- Rainbow boa

- Emerald tree boa

- Black head python

• These magnets are printed on premium weatherproof paper before being hand-processed, magnetized, laminated, and cut to become the beautiful magnets sent to you! Magnets average 2” for the main body of the animal; tail length for animals such as birds makes some stickers between 2.5-4" at the longest edge (depending on species).

* Not recommended for cars. Even though they are protected with premium vinyl, I cannot guarantee a lack of fading or color distortion over time on a car. *