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Chonky Snakes STICKER Pack

Chonky Snakes STICKER Pack

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• These hand-drawn stickers are perfect for decorating laptops, phone cases, sketchbooks, pet food storage, and more!

• This pack of 18 stickers includes (in order of individual photos):

Blue racer

- Ball python

- Mexican black kingsnake

- Anaconda

- Hognose

- Sunbeam

- Corn Snake 

- California garter

- Rosy boa

- Plains garter

- Boa constrictor

- Milksnake

- Kingsnake

- Hognose

- Bullsnake

- Rainbow boa

- Emerald tree boa

- Black head python

• These stickers are printed on premium weatherproof sticker paper before being hand-processed, laminated, and cut to become the beautiful stickers sent to you! The sticker adhesive is permanent, and they are not repositionable once pressed down firmly. Stickers average 2” for the main body of the animal; tail length for animals such as birds makes some stickers between 2.5-4" at the longest edge (depending on species).


* Not recommended for cars. Even though they are protected with premium vinyl, we cannot guarantee a lack of fading or color distortion over time on a car. Additionally, while these stickers can be pulled from other surfaces without causing damage, they are unlikely to be removable from leather without damage to the underlying material. *