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Chonky Lizards STICKER Pack

Chonky Lizards STICKER Pack

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• These hand-drawn stickers are perfect for decorating laptops, phone cases, sketchbooks, pet food storage, and more!

• Each magnet measures, approximately, two inches.

This pack of eight stickers includes:

- Bearded dragon

- Tegu

- Blue-tongued skink

- Crocodile skink

- Shingleback

- Jackson's chameleon

- Veiled chameleon

- Iguana

• These stickers are printed on premium weatherproof sticker paper before being hand-processed, laminated, and cut to become the beautiful stickers sent to you! The sticker adhesive is permanent, and they are not repositionable once pressed down firmly. 

** Not recommended for cars. Even though they are protected with premium vinyl, I cannot guarantee a lack of fading or color distortion over time on a car. Additionally, while these stickers can be pulled from other surfaces without causing damage, they are unlikely to be removable from leather. **