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Against a white background, a lanyard featuring four different species of boidae sits. In the bottom left corner, the TeraTigerStudio sits below the lanyard.
Against a white background, there is a closeup of the designs on the boidae lanyard, featuring a rainbow boa, a sunbeam, a boa constrictor, a kenyan sand boa, and an anaconda. In the bottom left corner sits the TeraTigerStudio logo beneath the lanyard.

Boidae Buddies Lanyards

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Featuring a lobster safety clasp, this is a sublimation printed lanyard that is mirrored on both sides.

The lanyard features five separate designs of species belonging to the Boidae family:

• Rainbow boa

• Sunbeam (Xenopeltis)

• Boa constrictor

• Kenyan sand boa

• Green anaconda

It is a sure hit for anyone you know who likes boas!