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Blue-tongued Skink Herpetology Friends ITA Backpack

Blue-tongued Skink Herpetology Friends ITA Backpack

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A functional, adorable backpack with a removable insert in a zippered compartment to display pins while keeping them protected by the clear front window. Each bag is made from durable, vegan leather with high-quality screen printing on the face, legs, and tail. It was designed and built with durability and versatility in mind, making it perfect for everyday use.

The bag easily fits an 11" tablet and pen, full-size Switch with attached Joycons, 2 bullet journals, an XL sketchbook, reusable mask, wireless earbud case, 6 foot charging cable, battery pack, smartphone, and the axolotl wallet... and there's still room!

This bag in particular features a blue-tongued skink!