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2.5" KEYCHAIN: Protect Scary Animals

2.5" KEYCHAIN: Protect Scary Animals

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*Due to supply shortages due to COVID-19, some keychains may not include the extra metal charm. We apologize for this inconvenience!*

All animals deserve protection, even the "scary" ones!

Each one comes with a sturdy metal keychain, one adorable 2.5" acrylic charm, and a cute, metal mini blue charm. Each keychain has been assembled by hand. All keychains are double-sided, with a mirror image on the reverse side of each.

Keychains come with a protective film over the acrylic charm in order to protect it in transit. Upon receipt, it may look like the keychain is damaged or scratched. This will disappear upon removing the film. There is a layer of film on each side of the acrylic charm.