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Meet the Team

It takes a whole team to make things work here at the TeraTiger Studio!


• Artist, Business Owner •

A stylized drawing of a girl with auburn hair in a green shirt with a black snake around her neck

Margaret is the artist behind the whole site! All of the designs that you see for sale are done by her. She started this shop in 2018 after a personal sticker post went viral; an influx of requests for an online shop pushed her to start an Etsy. Eventually, the Etsy was decommissioned in favor of focusing on TeraTigerStudio.com, and she's very thankful to have incredible staff that allows her to finally have time to draw and create new products again! Her hobbies outside of work include century home restoration, climbing, and spending time with her army of pets.





• Professional Nap Enthusiast •

A border collie sleeping on a wooden office floor

Phineas (Finn) is Margaret's older border collie. He was a working farm dog for 7 years, and is currently enjoying being spoiled in his retirement. He came to live with Margaret all the way from Grand Rapids, MI after learning how to open fridge doors and getting into bread products while the family was sleeping. He is now on a diet. He is not happy about it. He provides the office with happy tippy-taps, foot warming, and reminding everyone to take breaks. He also provides extra enrichment while moving around the office, as he often chooses to sleep in the middle of the walkway in order to be close to everyone at once. He is the office favorite because he is the only mammal that does not cause mayhem.




• USPS Greeter •

A headshot of a border collie with a house in the background

Orion is the resident office menace and provides emotional uplift to the office's wonderful USPS mailwoman, Ashley, and various UPS pickup drivers. He is Margaret's younger border collie, and is training to be a registered service animal. He has more energy than everyone else in the office combined, though he refuses to share it for some reason. His hobbies include shredding things outside of the office while not being supervised, squeaky toys, and being mocked by the ravens outside the office--yes, really. They laugh at him.




• CFO (Chief Feline Officer) •

A grey and black tabby cat sitting proudly on a desk with organizers in the background

Tito is a domesticated feral cat originating from Grand Rapids, MI. Tito has been Margaret's companion for nearly her [Tito's] entire life. She is nearly 10 years old, and is a no-nonsense old lady. Her duties include: demanding attention, sleeping on the cat shelf, supervising the cutting machines, keeping Mr. Boots in line, and stealing turkey sandwiches. She also performs routine desk quality checks by sleeping on top of computer mice and keyboards.




• Director of Office Annoyance •

A black and white tuxedo cat laying on a desk in the sunlight

Mr. Boots adopted Cooper one day by following them home from work in NY and refusing to leave. He has since become a well-traveled cat, moving from NY to the St Louis area in order to continue to supervise Cooper. He takes his job of Director of Office Annoyance very seriously, and periodically attempts to sleep on various keyboards in order to stall productivity. Although he has an entire cat shelf, he insists on sleeping in the most inconvenient places possible. He is a gremlin. We love him dearly.




• Smoothie Experts •

Two geckos (Sarasinorum and Eurydactylodes) on a piece of bark

Hermes and Kapo are the resident smoothie experts here at the studio. Hermes' full name is Eurydactylodes agricolae, and Kapo's full name is Correlophus sarasinorum. Kapo enjoys causing baby-sized chaos and waxworm hunting. Hermes is the good child who simply wants to sit and eat his mango mash.