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Design Use


            All designs in my shop are copyrighted by me, and they are solely my intellectual property. Any reproduction of the designs on products (shirts, stickers, necklaces, backpacks, etc) by anybody other than me is strictly prohibited. This applies to both personal and commercial use. I am not afraid to fiercely defend my IP through legal means if necessary. If you see my work being sold online outside of my Etsy shop, PLEASE let me know.
            That said, there are a few brick and mortar stores around the world that are vendor partners and carry my items (including exclusive versions of some of the designs) in their stores! Feel free to ask me if you’d like to verify a vendor’s status.


             School teachers are more than welcome to use the designs in educational classroom displays, presentations, etc.! Feel free to send photos of the displays! I absolutely love seeing the designs used in biology classrooms and libraries.
            If you are an animal education or conservation not-for-profit organization, feel free to reach out! I love helping people to help animals. I do not presently donate items to auctions, but I do have plenty of other ways that I can help! If you do educational presentations to children about animals, feel free to reach out with the list of animals that you use for events ♥️ I often have extra stickers that have slight defects that I donate to animal education outreach programs to give to kids at presentations.

Social Media and Tattoos

            I welcome sharing the designs on social media! ♥️ This includes both the listing images and photos of the products you’ve purchased! I do ask that you tag me and/or my shop to properly credit me! It should go without saying, but you may not claim the designs as your own. I don’t like having to ask people to take posts down ☹️ It is also prohibited to remove, alter, or crop out any watermarks.
            You are welcome to get any of the designs in my shop tattooed onto yourself! I’ve gotten this question a lot about the Conuresaur and Danger Noodle Drinks series. The one requirement is that if you or the tattoo shop post a photo of the tattoo on social media, please credit me for the design! I also love sharing them ♥️