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Custom Orders

Personal custom designs are currently: CLOSED
Commercial customs are currently: CLOSED

WHEN OPEN: Fill out commission form HERE

Custom and personalized orders

            I currently only do custom orders for animals. This includes pets, as well as animals I do not currently have available for mass production. I accept custom orders of any animal, living or extinct!


Custom Coloration

            I do not currently accept requests for custom colorations to match people’s pets/preferred species, as many of my products are premade prior to the order.

            Custom orders do not qualify for mix and match pack deals or standard pack discounts. Custom designs are released to the buyer for personal use only unless negotiated otherwise. These designs may be reproduced onto additional products by me later (although they usually are not).

When will custom orders be available again?

            I always post on my social media when they are available again. For info and updates, you can check HERE.


Personal custom designs are currently: CLOSED
Commercial customs are currently: CLOSED

I don't see "X" animal! Can you make one for me?

            When I am taking custom orders, you can request a custom order of any animal! However, if I am not taking custom orders at the time that you are reading this, you are welcome to suggest it to me to POTENTIALLY be made into a future design. I have a very long to-do list that I do in no particular order, so I can add it to that! Please note that suggesting a design does not guarantee that it will be done soon, or ever. This simply brings the possibility of it to my attention.
            If you would like to add an animal to this list, please go to the “Suggest an Animal” tab of the website!

Custom Keychains, Apparel, and Pins.

            These can be purchased only in bulk because of the outsourced manufacturing process. Please contact me if you would like to purchase custom keychains, apparel, and/or pins in bulk.

Can you add my pet’s name to a sticker?

            I do not currently accept requests for this, as my stickers, magnets, keychains, and decals are premade.